Hi, I'm Celine

I'm a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Brantford, Ontario - where I was born and raised.

I value nostalgia, real (and fictional) love stories, and real connections.

Your wedding day is not about me, but I do believe in working with people on your wedding day that you trust and have a real connection with. 

Learn more about me below.

And I'm your go-to photographer for intimate elopements & weddings in Southern Ontario.

(And no, I'm not named after Celine Dion. Although I have been known  to sing It's All Coming Back to Me Now at karaoke.)

i love to create.

I first found photography in high school. What started as me photographing cemeteries (we all had an emo phase, right?) somehow turned into me photographing couples & weddings. 

Now you can find me holding back tears while you have your first dance. Very emo.

Please enjoy some proof of my cemetery Celine days, if you are wanting the full immersive experience, listen to Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance.

my why

Some people might say i'm a bit of a weirdo... I'm some people.

I believe the big light should never be turned on.

And floor time is an important time of day.

I'm a better person after I've gone camping. 

I've been a vegetarian since I was 5 years old. Not for any specific reasons, but probably because I'm very stubborn.

If I'm not behind the camera, I'm most like curled up on the couch with a couple cats in my lap, and my Kindle in my hands. Or maybe I'm playing Sims? Yeah, I'm probably playing Sims.

And lastly, if you're into astrology, I'm a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon & Pisces Rising.

Get to know celine

A little obsessed with...

If you've made it this far, I'm sure there are two things you know about me already - I love cats, and I'm married to my high school boyfriend, Lukas. 

I'm not sure I've ever met a cat I didn't like, so please feel free to introduce me to your cats.

Pepe is my sweet angel baby boy, at least he is to me. And Carol is my stinky garbage cat (I say this lovingly) who has two extra toes on every foot. 

And Lukas, well, we have the same birthday (yep, same year, same day, same hospital). We have been together since grade 12, and got married just over 4 years ago. 

If you're wondering how two Scorpios can live together, I am also wondering the same thing.

my loves

What else is there to say?

I absolutely love exploring Ontario. When my husband and I couldn't go on our honeymoon when the pandemic started, we decided to start going camping. Every time we go for a trip, I call it another honeymoon. We have a goal to stay at every Provincial Park in Ontario, but we have quite a bit of catching up to do.

If you're planning a wedding near a park, let me know so I can check off another park from our list!

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