Let's keep this simple. I love reading. I am obsessed with cats. And as much as I love spending time outside in nature, camping and hiking, I do love cozy nights in curled up on the couch with my husband. 

So let's be friends?


Scorpio Sun
Taurus Moon
Pisces Rising
Enneagram type 5
Acts of Service

Learn about my philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer. 

I first found photography in high school. What started as me photographing cemeteries (we all had an emo phase, right?) somehow turned into me photographing couples & weddings. 

Now you can find me holding back tears while you have your first dance. Very emo.

I love to create. 

I can photograph two different weddings at the same venue and they will still be wildly unique. 

And even though most weddings have the same timeline, I never know what to expect.

By having documentary style photos of your day to look back on tell your love story - you can see the connection, the love, the story play out while watching back your slideshow. 

I can't wait to be surprised at your wedding.

I love that every wedding is so different.

I'll show up early and stay late (especially if you have a band at your reception.)  

I'll be there for the in-between moments, the quiet ones you didn't even notice were happening. 

My goal is to blend in, so you can stand out at your wedding. Let's not make the day all about me. Let's spend the day being with your friends and family and the connection you share. 

I will help you build a timeline that allows you to have the candid photos you want and the portraits that you need.

You can count on me.

Besides having a husband and cats, I love Sunday morning eggs bennies, gin & tonics and as much as I love trying to be healthy, I love pizza, maybe a little too much. And I'm always down to watch Drag Race.

I also love all things tarot, astrology and "woo". I'm 100% going to ask what your sign is. And if you need some wedding day reiki, I'm your girl. 

I'm surprised it's taken this long to talk about my cats.

First off, I married my high-school boyfriend, Lukas. We now live in Brantford with our two cats, Pepe & Carol.

After being at so many weddings as a photographer, I knew exactly what I wanted our wedding to be like. I definitely encourage all my couples to plan their day for them, and not to worry what everyone else is going to think! Wear black! Do a first look! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!


Me, at my wedding, gin in hand and probably excited about some disco.