blue mountain new years - celine garneau photography

Happy New Year! Yeah, it's a little late, but better late than never, right? 


I spent New Years Eve in the beautiful (and really really cold) Blue Mountains with some friends. During the day, a few of us (that didn't go up the mountain for cold sports) ventured into the village. Because it was so cold I didn't too many photos. But here are a few that I did get. 

Lucky you, seeing me in the only colourful thing I own - my boots!

I couldn't not get a photo of the pizza joke. While we didn't stop for pizza, we did get Starbucks and I had to get a Beavertail - a Skor cheesecake Beavertail. It didn't last long, so there isn't a photo. I'm still drooling thinking about it.

My goal for this year is to blog way more than I did last year (I'm already doing great, because I didn't blog at all!) Let me know about neat events happening and stuff to do in the Brantford area in the comments.