photo by    shelley smith   .

photo by shelley smith.



i'm celine. i was born and raised in good, ol' brantford, ontario. i left the city to go to school in welland at niagara college where i graduated from the digital photography program. but don't worry, i came back.

enough of the boring stuff. here are 5 facts about me:

  1. i really love pizza. like, a lot.

  2. i have two cats - pepe silvia & carol.

  3. i’m a scorpio. and i’m super into astrology and all that fun stuff.

  4. forever and ever i thought i was a ravenclaw, but recently found out i am a slytherin.

  5. classical music is my favourite - give me brahms or tchaikovsky anyday.


who was that efficient hipster?
— some guy, asking about me.
she’s literally the most wonderful human. the pictures she took of me were better than i could have ever imagined. i looked like a goddamn goddess
— cheryl, a real life human person.
she’s a bubbly little peach, isn’t she?
— anonymous.